The Importance of a DWI Attorney

The most important person (or persons) in surviving your arrest is your DWI attorney and you must spend as much time with him or her as possible. They need to take everything that you’ve seen, done, heard, experienced, etc. and craft it into a defense. They cannot do it without you and you cannot do it without them.

Since time is money with your DWI attorney, you should take advantage of your cheapest resource-your own time to help put your case together. Anything that you can provide in writing will be greatly appreciated by your DWI attorney, so start writing things down. Start from day one and lay it all out. Be as specific as possible with times, dates, locations, and facts. Go through your notes, your diary if you have one, your appointments calendar. Were there other people involved? Will so and so be a good witness for your side? Is there paperwork, files, or any other evidence that you can think of? Anything that comes into your mind, write it down. Let your lawyer decide if its important or not.

Preserving your sanity is an important reason for writing everything out. Here’s the secret: After you’re wracked your brain of all pertinent information, give it a rest. Convince yourself that you’ve thought about your case as much as you possibly can and any thoughts after that is needless worry. This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep revisiting the facts, especially after any new developments such as meeting with your DWI attorney. Allot a specific time to do this and spend as much time as you need, but after that, don’t think about it anymore until the next allocated time frame. For more information, go to: