Contested Divorce Vs Uncontested Divorce

People arrive at the decision that divorce is the best option for their life in a number of different ways. To handle each of these different realizations, there are different methods for legally dissolving a marriage. One of those distinctions is between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. These two forms of divorce are not available in every state, but in many, a divorce can be determined based on fault with the assistance of a trial and a judge.

A contested divorce may be the best option if two spouses struggle to see eye to eye on important issues. This type of divorce includes direct and intense involvement of the court. These types of divorce proceedings can be costly and time consuming, but may be necessary if one or both parties does not feel like the other can be expected to behave reasonably. Divorce can tear two people apart in harmful ways and sometimes it is best to have a third party enforce some regulations.

Another type of divorce is available in some states if two people are in agreement about the need for divorce. An uncontested divorce has the expectation of less court involvement because both parties are presumed to see divorce as a necessary option. This mutual agreement on this basic topic can make this process less lengthy but still equally complex. Even if two people agree on the need for separation, they still may need legal assistance in determining how to separate their lives most effectively. This type of divorce does require some court involvement, but not to the same degree as a contested divorce.