Looking Up Free Divorce Records

Divorces amongst couples are as often as marriage ceremonies. Nowadays, couples are adrift in finding a lasting solution to securing and maintaining a happy marriage. There are close to a million divorce cases annually within the United States, and divorce records lookup tend to prove this trend.

Divorce records are kept after a couple engages in a legal battle which precedes the final decree of divorce. The full detail of the divorce procedure is documented and archived in the central state repository and maintained for both public and government reference purposes. This was made possible with the passing of the Freedom of Information Act of 1966.

Government agencies do not issue certified copies of divorce documents. The service they render is to ascertain whether there was a legal divorce granted and also the state, and courthouse where it was done. To enjoy this service a token is paid to the search and admin service.

The information contained within the document is the couples’ name, place and date of marriage, age of the couple, names and date of birth of children, property, date of divorce and the reasons behind the divorce. It also includes alimony paid, tax returns and credit card numbers; these records are treated as public information.

Looking up free divorce records online is becoming more popular and easier than using government public records agencies. There are various ways to find divorce records online, you can use the search engines in doing your search, but note that data retrieved from this method will always be incomplete and scattered.

For a thorough and accurate search, it is required you provide the geographic location, category, and the name of the individual for a comprehensive search. There are credible and trusted public records websites that offers divorce records lookup, with an affordable fee you can either subscribe to pay per search service or a membership subscription which allows you enjoy unlimited searches.