Telling Your Kids You Are Getting A Divorce

If you get a divorce and children are involved, it can make things ten times worse. Telling them is not an easy task, but it is ultimately your decision so you have to do what is best for you and hiring child custody attorney can help with the kids when you come to that point. If you are getting a divorce, you have to realize that you will not get to see your kids as much as you do on a daily basis and that is something you will have to face. A custody attorney can come up with a fair way to split the time between mom and dad. If there is a problem and one parent wants to fight for more custody, then they will help with that issue as well.

Again, telling your kids that you are getting a divorce is not easy. There are however, a few ways to make it a little easier on them. If you sit them down, make sure that both of the parents are there. If the other one is not, the kids might feel like that parent does not really care a lot about them. Another thing is to not yell at them. If they start screaming a putting up a fight, let them do it. After all, you did just change their lives dramatically and it will take them time to adjust.

Explain to your kids that you love them and that they had nothing to do with your divorce and be clear to them why you are getting one. If you just tell them and do not give a reason, they will be confused and may feel like you do not trust them. If they have questions to ask you, you need to answer them. It is just as hard if not more hard on them than it is for you so do not make it any harder on them by treating them like they are not a part of the decision.

Since it is a big change and your kids will probably go through a lot with having to move into a new house and deal with the switch from being in one house to being in two, you may want to consider counseling for them. Since you are the ones causing them a lot of stress and anger, they may not want to talk to you about it and feel alone. It is good to have them talk to someone because they could become depressed or hold in bottled anger.

Going through a divorce is something that unfortunately a lot of Americans go through. Whether they have kids or not it is something that takes an emotional toll on everyone involved. Having kids makes it harder because it is normal to feel concern for them. They will be very upset and hurt and it is your job as parents to make sure that they feel comfortable and loved. It was not their decision and it is greatly affecting them and you need to keep that in mind.