Immigrate To Canada – Part 7 – How To Do It Alone – Quebec Selected Immigration

Quebec Selected Immigration Class is the third class of people that qualifies for immigration to Canada.

Under this class anyone who is skilled worker or professional and intends to reside in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec can apply. The selection for those applicants is based upon a different criteria than applicants who wish to settle somewhere else in Canada. The Quebec Immigration system is designed to indicate the possibilities and likelihood for someone to succeed in Quebec.

After the selection is done, those that are successful are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate and then they can proceed to get their visa for Canada.

In order to qualify for this certificate, applicants must score enough points under the Quebec selection system. A single applicant must score at least 60 points and an applicant accompanied by another member of his family must score at least 68 points. Below is summarized selection criteria for Quebec Immigration selection system.

-Education: up to 19 points

-Employment: up to 15 points and the minimum requirement is 8 points

-Work Experience: up to 10 points and the minimum requirement is 1 point

-Age: up to 10 points

-Language Proficiency: up to 24 points

-Visits In and Ties with Quebec: up to 9 points

-Spouse’s Characteristics: up to 17 points

-Presence of Accompanying Children: up to 8 points

-Financial Autonomy: 1 point and this is the minimum requirement

-Adaptivity: up to 10 points

You can see that for the financial autonomy you get only 1 point and at the same time the minimum you have to score is 1 point. This means that if you are not financially autonomous, you can not apply under this class. Inside My Immigration Consultant, you can find the details about the minimum requirements for the financial autonomy. You also have access to the pointing system for all the abovementioned criteria.

All applicants must successfully complete and pass medical and security examinations that are conducted by the Canadian Government. The applicants under this class are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Workers Class as the Canadian authorities acknowledge the selection of the applicants who meet the Quebec Immigration selection criteria. However as I have described above the applicants must first be issued Quebec Selection Certificate.

After that they have to make application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence. CIC then will assess your application based on the Canadian immigration regulations.

Once more I specify that the Quebec skilled workers are not assessed on the six selection criteria factors described in my previous articles. It is advisable that before submitting your application to Quebec Province authority, you visit the Quebec Immigration website because the selection criteria may change at anytime.

Inside My Immigration Consultant, you have direct access to that website and you can check for possible changes at anytime.

The applicants under this class are mostly people with knowledge in the French language because the more widely spoken language in the Province of Quebec is the French.

If you want to find more information and be instructed step-by-step in order to immigrate to the Province of Quebec, get My Immigration Consultant and start the procedure immediately.