3 Tips to Follow When Making a Whiplash Injury Claim

Being involved in a road accident can result in a wide array of injuries; however the most common injury type is a whiplash injury. Whiplash can be extremely painful and can take many days, even weeks, to heal properly. This often causes victims to require time off work, time that results in a loss of earnings. It is in these circumstances that you may wish to investigate starting a personal injury claim.

Knowing how to deal with a road accident can greatly improve your chances of starting a successful whiplash injury claim. This article will outline 5 important factors that, if executed correctly, could be extremely beneficial to your injury claim.

The first step should be completed at the scene of your road accident if possible. Obviously the first thing you should acquire is the insurance details, vehicle details and personal details of the other party. Also gather the details of any witnesses, any passengers and if possible, take photographs. Most mobile phones these days have an integrated digital camera, so use this to gather evidence and strengthen your case.

Ensure that you are with the right insurer. Car insurance is a big money making industry, and every company wants to have you on their books. Be aware that some insurers charge an annual fee for “legal expenses” if you need to make a compensation claim. A good insurance company’s policy will cover legal expenses if the accident was your fault, and there will be no charge if the accident was due to the fault of another party.

Take the time and find your own personal injury solicitor. Some insurance companies will try and offer you a solicitor from which they will receive a finder’s fee, as they have referred you and created business. In order to ensure that your claim is being dealt with properly and professionally, take the time to put in some research and find a solicitor that will best represent you and your case. A good personal injury solicitor will work on a full No Win No Fee basis, meaning that any cost or solicitors fees are paid by the party at fault, and you receive and keep 100% of your compensation claim. Ask lots of questions, a qualified solicitor will be able to answer any question you have. Ensure they are specialised in the road accident field of injury claim law. Ask to see testimonials; these can indicate how successful a solicitors firm is at achieving success for its clients. Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable and feel happy before signing any agreements.

Making a whiplash Injury Claim can go a long way to helping you overcome the stress, strain and financial troubles that a road accident can create. Every year thousands of people are involved in road accidents and their injuries and loss of earnings go unreported. Losing out on earnings is a strong and valid reason to start a claim. By reading this article and becoming aware of these simple steps you will be well prepared should you find yourself involved in a road accident.