Claims to insurers or private companies

We tend to think that almost all of our personal injuries can be generated by another individual, but also, there are claims that not only have to do with physical injuries, but also psychological ones. In this case, you may be dealing with private companies.

As you have read, you can sue a company for different situations, be it the sale of a deceptive product, failure of a contract and many others. It is not always a person who causes us harm due to his negligence.

The companies have insurers that are responsible for minimizing risk situations as much as possible, in addition to showing interest in paying the lower amounts in cases of claims.

Show that you are a victim of personal injury

If you visit a zoo, for example, and are bitten by an animal, before making any complaint to a personal injury attorney, you should be able to certify that it was not you who caused the incident.

But rather, the lack of visible regulations within the establishment and therefore the visitors were unaware of the rules.

Many things are taken into account when filing an injury claim. In the example above, your lawyer should be able to prove to the competent authorities that you did not provoke the aggressive attitude of an animal, but rather that the owners or managers of the zoo did not warn of the danger.

Therefore, it is not so easy (in some cases) to actually file a lawsuit and get out of it successfully, there are certain steps to follow so that the case is solid in the eyes of the law.

Immediately consult with Fielding law about your situation, he can tell you if a lawsuit is likely or not.

Considerations after a personal accident

Obviously the first thing you should do is call emergency services if they are seriously injured or who need specialized care.

Do not try to save people or move them from the place, you could alter the scene of the incident (especially in cases of collisions between cars).

The second is to notify your injury attorney as soon as possible that you are involved in an accident. Try to offer all the details and be as honest as possible with him, it will depend on whether you can make a claim.

If you have the ability, exchange personal information with the other driver of the accident (license plates, telephone, address, full name and everything that may be necessary), this data could help you in case it is decided to solve the incident before getting to the judge.

Establishment of blame and refunds

As we mentioned earlier, an injury lawyer needs to be able to establish the order in which the events occurred, find out what happened with the witnesses, take note of their impressions, and make further inquiries to determine who is responsible for the loss.

Also, it is quite likely that you will need to file charges with an insurance company and not an individual.

And there the task becomes more complicated, both know how to negotiate and strategize, but one of them wants to get the maximum amount for his client and the other, to pay as little as possible.

Due to the latter, it is also relevant to know that a claim is not a process that you can do on your own, or make a hasty decision and approve what the insurance company offers in the first negotiation meeting.

Your attorney will know what is best for you, and how much to push to get it.

Expenses to be covered with a negotiation of reimbursement for damages

When we are victims of personal injuries we have every right to feel frustrated and angry, but the solution to this is to hire a professional in injuries and appeal to a negotiation with the other party, from which we obtain monetary gains.

But not just any profit, but that which is sufficient in the present and also in the future to cover all the expenses and other derived from our injuries:

  • Medical bills
  • Purchase of medicines (at the time of the accident and afterwards)
  • Transfer and transportation expenses
  • Special exams
  • Treatments
  • Dropped wages
  • Rehabilitation therapies
  • Psychologists, and much more.


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